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Without Malcolm, the Arrowverse itself would not exist. To be fair, he never intended Tommy to be a victim of his plot. If the show is an allegory for trauma, the kind that splits someone into two, the real villain in Stranger Things is negligence. Even parental negligence. Seriously, where are the parents in Hawkins? Justice for Barb. Justice for Eleven. Justice for the Demogorgon. Justice for us all. Armed with genius-level intelligence, Mona is skilled in blackmail and manipulation, which when combined with years of bullying and torment make her a devious antagonist.

Audiences come to discover, however, that all that glitters is not gold; Ernesto is a duplicitous man who cut every corner to achieve his larger-than-life and larger-than-afterlife fame. Murder is one thing, but must you involve chorizo, the most delicious of sausages? But with Hector gone read: sausage-slaughtered , Ernesto watered the song down into some Vegas-style romp, showgirls and all.

As Ernesto de la Cruz and many villains on his list discovered, glory and fame are hollow without sincerity and without companionship. Was it really worth it to climb that ladder if, at every rung, you cheapened yourself? Master Yoda did encounter an illusory version of Bane in an episode of The Clone Wars , where he was voiced by none other than the Joker himself, Mark Hamill.

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But fear not, because he will probably be the star of a standalone film or television series any day now. In the history of the Star Wars universe, Bane was one of many Sith who fought in the Jedi—Sith War a thousand years before the events of the films. Bane came out of the conflict with a singular revelation — the Sith were destroyed by infighting as much as they were destroyed by the Jedi.

Their own lust for power turned them against one another in bids for power. Obviously, no one realized that a bunch of evil and power-hungry people convinced of their own superiority would have trouble getting along. In response, Darth Bane formulated a new philosophy known as the Rule of Two. There would only be two Sith in existence at any one time — a Master to embody the power, and an apprentice to crave it. This legacy carried over to the era of the films to explain why there were only two Sith. Somehow, two Sith were more powerful than a couple of thousands of Jedi.

Some, meanwhile, are simply utterly despicable. Viserys falls into the latter category. The deal he struck ultimately backfired on him when Drogo fell in love with Dany and Viserys threatened him, fearful the Khal would renege on their bargain. Cue the memorable moment when Drogo kills Viserys with a crown of molten gold. It was a moment that many watching at home would have audibly cheered.

Not only was Viserys totally self-serving, he also sexually abused his sister. After getting his rocks off with her, he drags her by her hair to Daenerys in a fit of rage — at having been invited to dinner. A truly vile antagonist with precisely zero redeeming qualities. There have been multiple screen versions of Norman Bates.

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Henry Thomas portrayed a younger version in Psycho IV. Vince Vaughn played a hulking Bates in a misguided shot-for-shot remake of the original. And most recently, Freddie Highmore played a teenage version of Norman in TV drama Bates Motel , which ran from to — which explains why this incarnation made the list. Because Bates Motel lasted five seasons, Highmore got to truly inhabit the character, kicking off the series a shy, polite, likable year-old, and ending it an intense year-old killer driven mad by the memory of his dead mother, Norma.

The Bates Motel conclusion managed to be both fitting and heartbreaking, Norman begging to be reunited with mother, and his brother making that dream a reality by killing him. Smash all of that together, and you get something mighty special: Lord Drakkon. In the Boom! Studios comics universe, an alternate version of these events plays out: in defeat, Tommy panics and chooses to flee, embracing fear and doubt. Eventually, he rejoins Rita and slowly embraces the darkness completely by replacing her and twisting the Ranger legacy into something terrible.

Drakkon is more than just a cool costume and it is a very, very cool one. Drakkon has been the lynchpin for Power Rangers since he first appeared at the end of The Shattered Grid storyline, in which this twisted Tommy hunts Rangers across realities, has been a shot in the arm for the franchise, keeping the base pumped and bringing back older fans with the promise of a darker vision of the franchise they loved as kids.

But the power to energize a million-dollar franchise? That takes a teenager with real attitude. We all know the story of the spaghetti-western drifter — the take-no-prisoners outlaw who blows through town with a gun on his hip. That robot goodie-two-shoes murdered an entire town?! Society sets the standards we strive to, but it also tells us how to be bad. Advertisements and the media paint with broad strokes and inform the way we rebel.

Men are meant to be aggressive. Women are prone to gossip. Teenagers are selfish and reckless. Or were you predisposed to that bad behavior?

Hell Hath No Fury LikeMurder by Julie Ramson

Say you woke up tomorrow to discover you were the villain in your own story: was any of that within your control? Ronan the Accuser appears on this list for one reason: Captain Marvel. And where he betrayed Thanos for control of the Power Stone. There was a committee working for Marvel at the time who had a lot of input, and that was primarily where it ended up. It just got a little messy. But now Ronan is back — thanks to the Captain Marvel movie playing out in the s, when he was still very much alive. We might even see a less villainous take on the character.

In the comics, Ronan is more of an anti-hero, at times even working alongside the Avengers and Inhumans.

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Is Ronan, therefore, a force for good in the movie? Or does he have plans to betray Carol Danvers and her Starforce cohorts? Only now, finally, by the end of Season 2, she seems to be waking up to that fact. As per the new rules in a world where conception and birth rates have met an all-time low, Fred and Serena are assigned a Handmaid — a fertile woman with whom the couple carries out regular ritualistic sex, designed to be joyless and efficient and which amounts to legalized rape.

But with Season 2 leaving off with Serena giving June her blessing to flee with baby Angela, it seems that Serena has now well and truly defected to the good side. The alternative? The obliteration of their entire race. While horrifying on multiple levels, Corvus Glaive treats the presenting the severed heads to Thanos as nothing more than an administrative task. A fanatical devotion to Thanos and his belief in bringing stability to the universe gives him the freedom to do some truly unspeakable acts. Hopefully, Corvus Glaive will get the screen time he deserves in the next Avengers movie, especially since he may not be dead.

True, getting skewered by Vision with your own weapon might send most beings to the afterlife, but Corvus Glaive is another matter. As long as the Glaive itself is intact, then Corvus can come back from anything, even if he has been broken into atoms. In Infinity War , he used his Glaive to surprise Vision, stopping the Avenger from phasing through it. In addition to being a great fighter who can hold his own against multiple Avengers at once, Corvus Glaive is also a master tactician.

We see this is during the final battle in Wakanda.

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The moment she leaves to help the other Avengers, he swipes the stone with little resistance. He is a phantom menace. He is the revenge of the Sith.

Hell Hath No Fury Like.....Murder

The original big bad of the Star Wars franchise, Palpatine is known to fans everywhere. Those hints in the original trilogy inspired the story of the prequels, and have kept fans captivated for generations. Fans have been captivated by that for almost 40 years. Where does this pure evil come from? Star Wars offers no answers. Evil simply exists. All that matters is how you defeat it. The Emperor is so popular that even more recent fan theories stem from him.

Nihilus is an enigma, a faceless mystery clad completely in black with his face hidden by a stark white mask. His intimidating presence casts a dark shadow across the entire game. He feeds on it in the same way a vampire likes to snack on blood. His lust for Force energy caused Nihilus to shed his physical body, and he became little more than a spirit who existed by being anchored to his mask and armor.

Proxima Midnight was just like Gamora. Her people were conquered and murdered by Thanos. The only difference, she drank the Kool-Aid.


Midnight shows undying loyalty to Thanos and her husband, Corvus Glaive. The genius behind Thanos and his children is that Thanos is so powerful that his followers are actually on par with his enemies. Because of this, Ebony Maw, Glaive, and Midnight all possess powers that get the best of one or more MCU heroes at one time or another. Midnight and her husband even hold off Scarlet Witch and Vision, arguably the two most powerful Avengers.